“The secret of our success at KAKI Group lies in its corporate values. These central values of doing businesses began with senior officials and employees and trickle-down all the way through the corporate structure to entry-level associates and trainees.
The shared set of our core values that are now inherent in our behaviors”

Saud Kaki


Bandar Kaki


About Us

Kaki Group’s establishment idea goes back to 1984 when the founder Saud Kaki decided to transform his passion for food & beverages …

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing superior high food quality, service and value in attractive …

Our Mission

Kaki Group’s restaurants exemplify a range of diversified concepts attached together by a shared commitment to tunities for the staff and best results …


“We are motivated by our successes to work harder and stay ahead of the industry, counting on our proud employees, sustainable lines of businesses, diverse client base, quality products, services and cooperation.”

Saud Kaki